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Sugar is hard to avoid around Halloween - with the average American consuming 3.4 pounds of candy on this day, it's truly a struggle to resist. Here are some insightful sugar comparisons of SmartSweets naturally sweetened #KickSugar candy, versus the average confectionary candy in the market.

Halloween Jelly Beans Sugar Content

50g of Halloween jelly beans sugar content

50g of Halloween jelly beans vs. 50g of SmartSweets gummy bears 


Halloween Pumpkin Jellies Sugar Content

Halloween pumpkin jellies sugar content

50g of SmartSweets gummy bears vs. 50g of Halloween pumpkin jellies


Halloween Candy Corn Sugar Content

Halloween candy corn

50g of Halloween candy corn vs. 50g of SmartSweets gummy bears




We know it’s possible to live in a sweeter world — a world where candy doesn’t always equal all the crazy sugar. As we set out in our manifesto, we are also driven by curiosity and a relentless commitment to innovation. We work tirelessly to source non-artificial ingredients, use only non-GMO ingredients and provide a radically better choice to traditional candy.