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SmartSweets Founder Tara Bosch in the SmartSweets office



Hey! 👋 I'm Tara, Founder of SmartSweets.

I started SmartSweets after my love affair with candy turned into an unhealthy relationship with food, and I experienced the negative effects excess sugar has on our health. I tried to eat less sugar, but that only led me to crave candy even more, sparking my quest to Kick Sugar, Keep Candy. After spending months recipe testing in my kitchen with a gummy bear mould from Amazon, I innovated the first delicious candy - without all the sugar.

I can't wait for you to try SmartSweets, and join us on the mission to Kick Sugar, Keep Candy!

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PS - Join me on Instagram (@TaraBosch) for a behind-the-scenes look at SmartSweets!

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We live in a world filled with rules and restrictions.

We are told to believe certain truths. We are told what can be done and what cannot. Cars can only run on gas. Cannabis will never be legal. Candy is innately bad for you.

At SmartSweets, we believe in the power of curiosity. We believe that a smart combination of passion, focus and innovation can change the world! We believe there is no time like the present — and the ability to affect change lies within each of us.

We trust it's possible to live in a world where candy doesn’t always equal sugar, and where words like guilt, permission, and indulgence no longer carry weight. We believe we can enjoy candy just as we enjoy life - to the fullest.

When it comes to having smarter choices, our lives are changing for the better. We think it’s time for candy to keep up. So, welcome to the kick sugar movement. Welcome to a world filled with sweeter possibilities.

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We are oozing with gratitude to be helping people (AKA. YOU!) in the effort to kick over 3.9 billion grams of sugar since July 2016 by choosing SmartSweets.

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What started out as recipe testing in Tara’s kitchen, turned into a global mission to #KickSugar. We have now helped people kick over 1 billion grams of sugar (and counting) by choosing SmartSweets!

Tara in her kitchen formulating her first Gummy Bear recipe
Summer 2015
With a vision to revolutionize candy in mind, Tara dropped out of college and began the quest to kick sugar and keep candy. Armed with a gummy bear mould, she started recipe testing in her kitchen day and night.
The back of Tara's car full of SmartSweets to be delivered
July 2016
SmartSweets launched in the world (via deliveries from Tara's hatchback) - and gained its first employee on the same day.
SmartSweets Fruity Gummy Bears and Sour Gummy Bears in store on shelf!
March 2018
After Whole Foods Global Candy Buyer saw Tara on a TV segment, he reached out about a global launch. Less than a year later, SmartSweets expanded into the USA nationwide with Whole Foods.
Sweet Fish in their candy mould
August 2018
You asked and we listened! You are our north star. After hundreds of iterations in our Candyland kitchen, we launched our first plant-based SmartSweets innovations!
SmartSweets team members in a selfie
November 2019
SmartSweets becomes available in over 20,000 stores across the USA & Canada, and reaches our proudest milestone yet of helping people kick over 1 Billion grams of sugar.
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Female founded title with lightning bolts

We are passionate about celebrating women kicking ass. In all areas of their lives. At SmartSweets we are uber proud to be Female-Founded with a squad that is 84% women, gender parity on our board, and a champion for women rising!

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